Apakah sobat Padi sudah membeli album terbaru Padi "Tak Hanya Diam"
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Padi BandPADI was originally one of the campus bands in Airlangga University (Unair), Surabaya. The band consists of Fadly (vocalist), Piyu (guitarist), Ari (guitarist), Rindra (bassist), and Yoyok (drummer).

Before they become what they are today, they used to struggled just to signed a record deal with major recording company. But unfortunately most of them rejected PADI. But that didn't stop Padi to keep on tryin', on the other side the rejection made them recorded lots of demos and they delivered the demo by them self from Surabaya to Jakarta.

On one occasion, Piyu the lead guitar once said "Band player have to feel suffer before they became famous. Living in suffer trained us to survive and exist in our own world".

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