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This technical riders is made, fixed up and released by PADI’s Management that was given to all committees, and was called as promoter or similar company/organization, as an official information of basic requirements and also as a guide, both in technical preparation and non-technical preparation, which are the PADI’s standardized prerequisite to make one off air / on air show.

This technical rides is on charge to all PADI’s shows, and is an integrated addendum with the concordance of Padi’s shows that is signed in front of Padi’s lawyer as a basic law, guaranteeing both parties' needs, either the duty or the right of Padi as the guest and the promoter as the executants.

With a corporate basis and a togetherness effort, wholly knowing about the ethics and the working bureaucracy for the event, special rights and also the host’s privacy, to the show’s quality to reach the maximum result. It’s the promoter’s need to wholly understand the Rider’s content before signing the concordance.

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